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Hexgrafv - Altare

Posted on the 12 October 2018 by Ripplemusic
Hexgrafv - Altare
Hexgrafv - Altare Hexgrafv are a Swedish Doom Trio and with their debut ”Altare” they show us their high standard when it comes to writing epic stoner and funeral doom-songs. The album, released in the summer of 2016, actually came into my hands during a period in 2017. And I’m enthusiastic about it!
Five songs of doomy guitars, with voices reminding me of Ozzy and a psychedelic sound that makes the spine shiver.
The first song, ”Altar of Disease” is open-minded with its love for Black Sabbath but also delivers a wink of the mighty Cathedral too, and who am I to criticize influences like that? The song is almost 10 minutes but feels way too short in its epicness.
The second song, 1347 which includes church bells and a latin talk is my absolute favorite. The latin talk builds up and leaves the listeners waiting patiently and scared. Expect to be blown away by the psychedelic vibe when the guitar kicks in! Also the howling voice reminds me of the good old Mr Osbourne. Simply amazing and very addictive!
The song structures are very well built and I love how they pay homage to the master of the past but also incorporate new influences like Poland's Dopelord. The song 1347 and the rest of the album demonstrate this winning concept because they combine doomy tunes with stoner elements. The album is very varied and with it’s addictive riffs you’ll never get bored.
The ending masterpiece "Drowning" is a brontosaurus piece with heavy funeral doom tendencies. Imagine sitting in the dark, sipping some red wine. Your mood is downtuned and outside the storm is blowing.
I see a very bright future for this Jönköping trio if they continue to play their cards right.
Thanks for the opportunity to listen to this masterpiece!
Before a new album comes out you can listen to ”Altar of Disease” here...
-The Void

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