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Heroes and Crooks from Bet Shemesh

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I guess Bet Shemesh is just like any other city. We have our share of both heroes and crooks..
in Bet Shemesh news today, we have a hero featured and a crook.
Heroes and crooks from Bet Shemesh
The hero is a soldier in the IDF from Bet Shemesh. Rotem Shabbat was on duty at a checkpoint in Jerusalem near Shuafat. While checking the Arabs passing through the checkpoint, one seemed suspicious to her and she took him aside for further examination. It turned out that this Arab fellow was the suspect of a manhunt as info pointed to the fact that he was planning an attack.
When the border police searched him, by Rotem's orders, they found a large knife and learned that he was planning to commit a stabbing attack in Jerusalem.
Rotem Shabbat, from Bet Shemesh, has now averted two terror attacks during her service at the Shuafat checkpoint.
source: Shemeshnet
Heroes and crooks from Bet Shemeshand we don't just have heroes here in Bet Shemesh, but we also have our share of crooks...
Some guy from Bet Shemesh with a metal detector went and raided an archaeological site. After initially denying involvement in the theft, police discovered over 800 ancient coins in his house, along with other bronze materials such as jewelry, stamps and other items, the fellow admitted to his guilt. The loot was from the end of the Persian rule, and into the Hellenist, Roman and Byzantine eras up until the Ottoman era.
source: NRG
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