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By Madmel @melmo72
I love my city.  It plays host to an enormous variety of people.  So much so that I never feel out of place, no matter my mood or choice of attire.  The beauty of the city, as apposed to suburbia, is that no one stands out.  There are no cliques.  No ruling factions.  Just a blend of characters going about their business without fear of judgment from the taste police.  A visit to the city always leaves me rejuvenated and confident in my individuality.  Yesterday was just such an occasion.
Every year around this time, Melbourne plays host to a pop culture festival called Supernova.  Being a pop culture nut, and being mother to an anime nut, I would love to have gone, but unfortunately couldn't afford the tickets this year thanks to an inexplicably badly timed school camp.  Oh well, I thought, all my favorite super heroes and (hopefully) Will Wheaton will be there next year.  As it turned out, I didn't need to fork over forty dollars to see framed pictures of my favorite childhood comic book characters.  They were everywhere!  Well, technically, it was their deputised likenesses I saw ordering Happy Meals, scanning Miki cards (apparently, being charged with the well being of our citizens doesn't grant you free travel on public transport), and having a smoke on the steps of Flinders Street Station.  Nevertheless, it led me to wonder; why can't we be more like our heroes? 
Consider Wonder Woman, my childhood hero.  Not even born of this world, she has saved it far too many times to count.  She left her homeland behind to live among us and protect us and yet the thing people comment on more often than not is her, admittedly skimpy, costume.  I for one wish I possessed the courage to put all of my womanly assets on show.  I'd save a truckload of money at the butchers alone!  But aside from physical beauty, the most wonderful thing about her is that she also has a brain; and isn't afraid to use it.  She has forged battle plans to fight age old enemies from every possible realm of existence, making herself an integral part of what is largely a male dominated profession.  She'd never date beneath herself; can you imagine Wonder Woman having dinner with a guy who talked to her substantial bosom all night?  Even if you could, would you imagine him surviving the night with his manhood intact?  I thought not.  The Wonder-ful thing about her is that she wears her intelligence, her courage, her sensitivity and her personality like she wears her costume - loud and proud.  Wouldn't this world be a better place if we all did the same?  

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