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Here We Go Again

Posted on the 04 July 2014 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

Back in May, word got out that the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club was hosting a Black Mass.  Thankfully, wiser heads prevailed and the event was cancelled.

Now word comes that a satanic church plans to stage the ritual in a public venue in Oklahoma City.

An exorcist has weighed in with strong words of caution:

“You cannot attend such an event—even if one does so merely out of curiosity, and not with any firm desire to worship Satan—without being adversely affected,” the exorcist cautioned, in an exclusive interview with Aleteia. “The mere fact that this black mass in Oklahoma City will be public lends it a certain legitimacy, and I suspect that some people will go simply to be entertained. What they may not realize immediately is that simply by going, they will open themselves to the power of the demonic.”
The event is planned for a 92-seat auditorium Sept. 21 at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. Tickets went Prieston sale Wednesday. As of today, about 10 have been sold.
Encyclopaedia Britannica defines a black mass as "a blasphemous and usually obscene burlesque of the true mass performed by Satanic cults. The naked back of a woman often serves as an altar, and a validly consecrated host is generally used to intensify the mockery. The rite commonly incorporates other elements of Satanic magic."
"The Black Mass has been a feared ritual, and now it's being brought into the light!” trumpted a promotional on the civic center’s website. “This will be not only enlightening but educational as well. This Black Mass will [be] conducted for the public to attend with certain adaptations to allow for a legal celebration."
That includes clothing the "female altar," Adam Daniels, head of Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, the satanic church in Oklahoma City behind the event, explained in an interview earlier this week.
Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul Coakley has called on community leaders to reconsider whether it is an appropriate use of public space.
“For more than 1 billion Catholics worldwide and more than 200,000 Catholics in Oklahoma, the Mass is the most sacred of religious rituals,” the archbishop said in a statement. “It is the center of Catholic worship and celebrates Jesus Christ’s redemption of the world by his death and resurrection. In particular, the Eucharist—which we believe to be the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ – is the source and summit of our faith.
“That’s why we’re astonished and grieved that the Civic Center would promote as entertainment and sell tickets for an event that is very transparently a blasphemous mockery of the Mass,” he continued. “The ‘Black Mass’ that is scheduled for the Civic Center in September is a satanic inversion and distortion of the most sacred beliefs not only of Catholics, but of all Christians."


“As Judeo-Christian values are eschewed by an increasing number of people in our country, and contrary values are upheld as something to be protected and even celebrated (e.g., abortion, so-called gay marriage), the enemy does grow bolder,” he said. “The devil is gaining ground in the hearts of many, and he knows it.  
“My fear is that, as our country as a whole drifts further and further away from authentic Christian values, we are going to see more and more things like this in the future,” he continued. “What most people don't fully realize is that there is truly a spiritual battle going on for the soul of our country. By legalizing and embracing things like abortion, euthanasia, and gay ‘marriage’ that are so antithetical to authentic Gospel values, we are unleashing the power of evil into our society.  Confusion about moral issues is being introduced into the minds and hearts of many. There very literally will be hell to pay for many."

I can see many laughing at this and it's heartbreaking.

The piece finishes with what Catholics can do to fight this sort of thing and fight it we must.

Finish the piece.  


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