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Here is Why You Need Choose the Correct School for Your Kid

By The Shri Ram School
School is a place where a person spends a considerable amount of time in life. It literally sees people grow up from their childhood, in to the adult years of life. Therefore naturally, it strongly influences the shape and structure of one's personality. One can even be tempted to say that the impact of school is equally significant to that of the family, if not more.
An argument in favour of the above statement is that children spend even eight hours a day in school and if we were to subtract the time spent on sleeping, we realize that they spend more time sitting on a school bench than at home. Thus, with teachers taking over a lot of intimate responsibilities with regard to the children, beginning with protection and ending on transmitting the knowledge and basic moral values, they certainly end up having a bearing on how a person grows up in terms of mindset and personality.
Secondly, school plays a very important role in the process of socializing.
School is the place where a person meets his peers, makes friends and establish relationships which are more likely to continue for the rest of their lives. Though, the greatest role of a school as an institution is to teach children basics of living in a community and making life work.
However, another aspect of school life is that though children do not establish close and intimate (relationships with their teachers but in some moments of a children's life, the appreciation of friends may be of the utmost importance, even more than parents' opinion in some cases. This is in the light of the fact that an average pupil treats the teacher as a leader and not a friend of confidante.
Moreover, a lot of time in school is dedicated to preparing for exams and the competition for better grades. This though is in fact a fault of the centuries old educational system, which promotes tactless swotting of often entirely useless rules than practice in using the knowledge. Subsequently, the pupil's school life goes from one test to another - little time is left for pure pedagogy, i.e. modeling one's temperament and pointing at vital moral principles. 
But, modern school life has started to show perceivable drift from the age old model of schooling, with more and more stress being laid on practical education and personality development. In India, there has been a mushroom growth of schools like the Shri Ram School, which is arguably the best school in Gurgaon and a name to reckon with, solely based on the fact that rather than focusing on traditional mindless swotting, they stress on an overall development of a child.
To sum up, it is undeniable that school is an essential part of every human life and children deserve an upgrade from the age old faulty system of education that dominates the sector even today. This can only be done by supporting more practical and tactical education rather than classroom mugging.

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