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Here Is Our Run Down As New gTLD’s Top 4.5 Million Registrations

Posted on the 26 February 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

.Science added another 14K+ domain names registrations yesterday in its second day of general availability, putting the number of new gTLD registrations over the 4.5 million mark.

New gTLD registrations still have a large percentage of free, almost free, very low cost and related party registrations.

.Science domain names which just launched two days ago, are still being registered for free at now has registered 26,656 of the 27,500 .Science domain names or over 96% of all .Science domain names.

In two days .Science has grow to the 27th most registered new gTLD domain extension.

A Pierre-Eli Normandeau, of Canada who had not registered any new gTLD until .Science came out has now registered almost 7,500 domains.

Of course by offering free domains you get people registering domains like:

The total number of new gTLD’s have now topped 4.5 Million according to

We haven’t looked at the numbers in a while.

Some notable movers.

.XYZ has topped the 800,000 mark and now sits at over 803,000 registrations including those 370,000 or so free .XYZ domain names that were stuffed into Network Solutions account holders. Those domains will not auto renew.

The IDN of .网址 (xn--ses554g) is still the second most registered new gTLD but they are all at the registry level not sold to third parties

.Club is adding hundreds of registrations on a daily basis and is now approaching 190,000 registrations.

.Realtor which has been offered to the 1M+ “realtors” for free has over 91,000 registrations

.Guru has now passed 80,000 registrations sitting at over 82,000 registrations the most successful of any Donuts String.

.Berlin is still sitting in the 4th most registered new gTLD spot but has been pretty inactive for many months in terms of new registrations and actually had a net lost 15 registrations yesterday. Of course around 75,000 of these domains were registered for free we will see how many of those get renewed.

.NYC domains continue to add around 100 domains a day and is now has over 70,000 registrations

Frank Schilling’s North Sound Names is still the largest registrant of new gTLD’s now topping over 160,000 of domain names of Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry new gTLD strings.

Uniregistry has over 275,000 registrations so North Sound Names has registered about 60% of all of Uniregistry domains.

.Link is Uniregistry most registered string with over 63,000 domain names.

Uniregistry is charging a rack rate of around $6.42 for a .link domain name.

Minds + has a winner in .Work which has been increasing on a daily basis since it went live on February 10 with over 3,800 registrations.

.Work is now approaching 10,000 registrations.

Prices for all domain extension vary by registrar but you can register a .work domain for the rack rate of $1.39 at which has the most .work domains registered.

.Website has been adding 100+ domains a day and is now closing in on 40,000 registrations.

Likewise .Rocks and .Company have been adding 100+ domains a day and are also closing in on 40,000 registrations

Of all the 500+ new gTLD tracked by, these continue to add 100 or more a day on a pretty constant basis:















There is another set of domains that seem to add between 50-100 domains a day on a consistent basis, but there are well over 150 new gTLD’s which add 10 or less per day.

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