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Here Comes the Messiah: April Fools!

By Writerinterrupted @writerinterrupt

Here Comes the Messiah: April Fools!Are we any different  than the followers of Jesus who laid palm branches  on the ground for him to pass over into Jerusalem?

It was his triumphal entry. The symbolic proclamation that the Messiah had come and would change the course of history by taking his rightful place as king…and set the Jews free from Roman oppression.

The people who laid down their cloaks probably didn’t question why a donkey trampled their garments instead of a white stallion. After all, isn’t that how a king should enter the his kingdom?

They were caught up in the moment. In the pomp and circumstance of the  event. In the promises of God. The anticipation of the kingdom was contagious as it saturated the air with hope. And as they yelled, “Hosanna in the highest,” I don’t think they questioned how Jesus would overturn a government without a sword and only a few vagabond disciples. They just saw Him as the Messiah, their savior…until a week later.

When Jesus was accused and crucified, where was that crowd who had welcomed him into the city? Were they the same people who shouted for Barabbas to be released instead of Jesus? Did they run away or remain silent when he was beaten and crucified? Why didn’t they stay and stand up for their Messiah, their king.

Because they were fooled!

Jesus wasn’t who they thought he was. He wasn’t what they expected. Instead of wielding a sword, he preached peace. Instead of fighting for the throne, he surrendered his life. He was not who they wanted him to be so they ran. They left. They deserted the one who they had proclaimed their king and Messiah less than a week earlier because he didn’t do what they wanted him to do. Because they didn’t understand His plan was better than theirs.

What makes this story tragic for that crowd was that Jesus did exactly what the people wanted, they just didn’t know it at the time. He became their Messiah and their king, just not the way they had planned. He did it His way and in His time.

Sometimes I wonder if we’re just as foolish as those followers. One minute we sit in church and praise God, the next we complain and grumble about our lives and what we don’t have. We desert Jesus when he doesn’t do what we want him to do and then when he does, we shout “Hosanna in the highest.”

As you complete your lenten journey this week, I challenge you to reflect on this story and examine your life.

Are you weary because God hasn’t given you what you want when you want it or because your life isn’t going according to your plan? Are you ready to desert Him because you think He’s abandoned you or just doesn’t care? Have you been fooled by your own expectations?

Don’t be a fool, surrender your will and trust God knows what He’s doing! Just wait and see!

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