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Here Comes the Fun

By Kate_miller

Here Comes the Fun

Tah Da! Re-Blooming Orchid

Do people listen to you when you give them advice?
Perhaps that's jumping the gun. Do you even bother to give people advice?

Here Comes the Fun

Happy bunch of Orchid buds.

In my 30's, I was the go-to gal when friends needed help. Perhaps there's a psychotherapist inside of me. (Psycho being the key word.) Because I enjoyed dishing out all sorts of advice.
Right up until the day I noticed how no one ever followed through on the great ideas we cooked up during those now what should I do? discussions.

Here Comes the Fun

Orchid flowers open slowly. I've been enjoying her progress all week.

Having learned the hard lessons that people don't change. And, that shelling out advice to them = exasperation for me, nowadays I simply shrug my shoulders, take supreme advantage of my blonde locks, and say, "I dunno." 
Except when it comes to Butterfly Orchids.*
Do you grow them? While traveling, I was heartened to discover that Italians, just like Americans, have Orchids coming out their ears. Seems everyone has developed a soft spot for these beauties.

Here Comes the Fun

At last! My Polkie Dot gal is back in action. :)

Orchid care is essentially the same, wherever I go, and polar opposite of how I do it. Hence, this post. Because no matter how hard I try to keep from meddling in people's orchid affairs I just can't stop myself! I think Moth Orchids need sunshine.
Here Comes the Fun
While in Italy, I encouraged my friend to move her sad sack Orchid from the dim top of the refrigerator to the warmth of a sunny window. [I felt so sorry for it, suffering up there.]
The flowers promptly fell off and her hubs accused her of killing it. But, here's the deal. Those flowers were ready to say bye-bye.
And, in just a matter of days, the skinny stems had started the exciting process of gifting her with a brand new set of blossoms.
Only they couldn't see that. They thought it was dead and were planning to toss it.
Orchid buds start out so tiny. Little bumps along the stem. In the beginning... you really need a nut bag like me just to locate them. But if you show a little patience and give them what they need. Ahem. Sunshine. This beauty can go from dead to dazzling in about 2 months.
So? Am I off my rocker? Wouldn't be the first time. How do you care for your Orchids? Inquiring minds want to know.
* Carol of Flower Hill Farm coined the nickname Butterfly Orchids for her Phaleanopsis Moth Orchids ~ a much nicer name for such a pretty flower so I decided to follow her lead.
Here Comes the Fun
Moth Orchids: Try soaking the entire pot (immerse the roots) once a week, for 30 minutes, in a bucket of water. Allow pots to drain in the sink before placing back on the window sill. Roots will slowly dry out over the course of the week and that's a good thing. When I water mine, I include approx. 1 teaspoon basic fertilizer, dissolved in a gallon of water. Other orchid varieties require different care and more frequent watering.

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