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Her Birthday is in SPRING

By Kristin1219 @kristinmarie55
This is my first fall at this amazing preschool I am so very lucky to be a part of.  So,  I am learning what happens as new students start and what not.  I am the artistic one of my teaching team so most bulletin boards and such I gladly volunteer for.  This fall one of my duties I took on was the birthday wall.  My wonderful co-workers told me that a few years ago they had a board that was divided by the 4 seasons and a way to distinquish the 3 months within that season with the children's birthdays on it. 
So...I made(pictures will follow, but I do not have any tonight)
Fall--a tree with red apples (september birthdays),  yellow apples (november birthdays) and little orange pumpkins at the base of the tree (october birthdays)
Winter-- a snow man with top hat (december birthday--yep, only one--me!) a scarf (with january birthdays) and boots (with february birthdays).
Spring-- a pink flower, yellow flower and purple flower--i dont know specifics but march, april & may--each on one color
And last but not least--Summer--a sun,  orange rays (june birthdays) red rays (july birthdays) yellow middle (august birthdays)
Ok,  lovely...the things are hung up in the room where we do meeting.  I didnt think the kids payed attention,  but it looked darn cute.  So out on the play ground today,  I'm chatting with a 4 year old. "Her birthday's in winter,  Her birthday's in winter,  My birthday's in winter, Your birthday is in winter...." he tells me.  I say yes, and point to another girl, and she will be 4 in winter too! i tell him.  Oh, no! Was I wrong and did he let me know it! "NOOOOO!" he shrieks at me! "Her birthday is in SPRING!" i of course disagree because obviously I should know everything and kindly tell him,  no, it is in winter! He screeches at me again.  and again. AND AGAIN.  Finally I'm wondering...why the heck is he so insistant on this and how the heck does he know her birthday is in spring???
Good one Kristin....the gosh darn birthday wall clearly tells him that her birthday is in spring. her birthday is not on the silly snowman,  its on the darn flower!!!!
haha....i am so glad my birthday wall display has served is purpose....the kids learned,  and kristin...was proven wrong again!
Her Birthday is in SPRING

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