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Helping The Rich To Get Richer

Posted on the 11 April 2013 by Jobsanger
Helping The Rich To Get Richer The Republican Party was aghast when the Democrats tried to do away with just part of the billions of dollars in subsidies to the "Big Oil" companies. You would have thought from listening to the congressional GOP that those companies would go broke without those government subsidies. But the truth is that those oil companies are making record profits, and the government subsidies is just an added benefit for them -- just more profit to add to the already huge profits they make. The subsidies are not needed.
If the Republicans were serious about cutting the deficit, they would immediately do away with these unneeded subsidies, and save the government billions of dollars. But they're not serious about cutting the deficit. They talk about that because it helps them get what they really want -- more money for their rich friends, and destruction of the social programs that help hurting Americans (programs they have never approved of). That's why every budget they have tried to pass in the last few years has cut help for ordinary Americans and included big giveaways to the richest people.
The Republicans truly are the party of the rich.

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