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Hello to the New Clevage Keeper

By Fanciestrands @fanciestrands
My latest idea after witnessing way to much cleavage this summer - I thought something feminine and flirty would be a great way to cover that unwanted daytime cleavage. I'm guilty too, yes with those low cut tanks. So I came up with the "Cleavage Keeper." Wear it to hide that cleavage, as a brooch on your favorite not so low cut tee and you can clip it in your hair too. Really a versatile little accessory. Here it is and it comes in 10 different colrs: available in the following colors: red,  black, white, ivory, hot pink, light pink, lime green, light blue, navy blue and  yellow {shown}.

Hello to the new Clevage Keeper

"Cleavage Keeper"

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