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Hello Stranger

By Merchesico @mergepsycho

Hello stranger

Hello stranger

Hey You (2020-2021, Postcard note)
I know. It's been a long time. Keeping in touch has never been so easy, but difficult at the same time. These are very challenging times for most of us, and the pandemic and its handling has sadly brought more hardship for a lot of people.

You could be one of them, or any friend of yours. A lot of folk are struggling for their health, work, stability, and means to pay their bills, let alone taking care of the children. My thoughts are with them. And that's probably why I've kept quiet for most of this time, as I thought whether what I was going to do, share or create was relevant, useful or necessary anymore. At this particular moment I just don't not want to add to the noise. So I've taken some time off to think what is the purpose of my work - tried to observe, listen and reflect; just in general, just about anything.

I realised again how our mental health is such an important aspect that needs looking at... and not just by ticking boxes, making silly questions & giving easy advice. Stress, anxiety, neglect, insecurity and despair; all take their toll on us as individuals - signals of a system that isn't fair and isn't working properly for the majority of us... But there's always hope, and plenty room for improvement. And thankfully we have other people to make it light.

Taking time to spend it just listening & talking to the ones you love is probably the wisest decision. Another thing I'm doing is buying everything I can from independent shops, makers and local folk - if we stand by each other, I believe that together we can take on nearly anything. And enjoy life whenever there's chance.

Hope you are ok?
Always yours,

Hello stranger
I like like like You (2020-2021) Hand drawn postcard note, printed card in a small white frame

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