Hello Neighbor 2 Picture Pieces Locations & Guide

Posted on the 08 December 2022 by Mejoress

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Hello Neighbor 2 Picture Pieces Locations & Guide – x4 Mr Peterson Photo Pieces to unlock the blue house key and complete the puzzle

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Hello Neighbor 2 Picture Pieces Locations & Guide

You have to find the four picture pieces that the frame is missing, so we show you all the locations, also the one in the frame, below

1st Picture Piece Location – Photo 1

Enter the blue house, go up the stairs and cut the tape with the scissors (if you don’t have one, check the scissors guide). First locate the photo frame (on top of the drawer) and then get the first piece of the photo in the next room (you will need the scissors again)

2nd Picture Piece Location – Photo 2

Go down the stairs and interact with the painting next to the stairs, open the door using the code N-O-T, take the crowbar inside, go back up the stairs and open the crate using the crowbar, inside is the second photo piece

3rd Picture Piece Location – Photo 3

Go back to the photo frame room with the incomplete photo, jump to the top of the closet and remove the cobwebs using the scissors. Take the dumbell and put it on the blue pressure plate that is in the room next to the crate from the previous photo piece. The closet next door will open and inside you will find the third photo piece

4th Picture Piece Location – Photo 4

Without leaving the room, use the scissors on the pillow on the ground and you will get the fourth frame piece.

Last step: Place the four picture pieces in the incomplete frame to open the bookcase, inside is the key and when you take it you will have completed this puzzle

Hello Neighbor 2 Picture Pieces Locations & Guide

Finally and in case you do not clarify with any explanation, we leave you the video guide of LethalLeslie 3, which shows how to get to all Mr Peterson Photo Pieces in one gameplay

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