Hello Neighbor 2 Barn Puzzle Gears Locations & Guide

Posted on the 08 December 2022 by Mejoress

Last Updated on 8 December, 2022

Hello Neighbor 2 Barn Puzzle Gears Locations & Guide – fix the mechanism of the Barn with the three missing Gears

If you have already accessed the Barn, you will have seen that in the larger area there is a mechanism that is missing some gears, obviously you must find them and put them in their place, and of course in this guide we are going to explain where they are and what steps you must take continue

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Hello Neighbor 2 Barn Puzzle Gears Locations & Guide

You must find the 3 gears that the Barn mechanism is missing, so we show you their locations and how to get to them

1st Gear Location

It is to the left of the mechanism, behind the locked blue door. You must open the blue door using the key that hangs from the 3 hangers right next to it, once inside pick up the 1st gear, it is on the table

2nd Gear Location

To the right of the barn door you will see a wooden box and a crowbar, open the wooden box with the crowbar, take the stones inside and use them to break the glass on the right, behind which you will find the 2nd gear

3rd Gear Location

Go back to the barn and locate the passage blocked by a red board, unlock it with the crowbar and head inside. Go up the ladder and access the highest level of the barn, where on the table you will find the 3 gears

Last step: Go back to the mechanism, place the 3 gears and pull the lever, to complete the puzzle of the gears and be able to advance

Hello Neighbor 2 Barn Puzzle Gears Locations – Video Guide

In case you can’t reach any of the Gears, we leave you a LethalLeslie 3 video guide with the three cog wheel locations

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