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HELLO KITTY Shoe Collection "Part Deux"

By Kena @campchic


This Kitty sure does get around! The Sanrio brand has teamed up with another iconic shoe brand Dr. Martens! "Hello Kitty" collarborated with Dr. Marten to create a very limited edition shoe collection. Being raised in Seattle, Washington is was virtual impossible NOT to own a pair of the edgy lugged-sole shoe. I remember wearing my Dr. Martens with my favorite plaid skirt and white blouse (gosh that was such a cute outfit). I'm not sure if I could rock these Hello Kitty - Dr. Marten shoes. I'm pretty sure my Seattle friends would laugh me right out of the Evergreen State! They just don't have that "grunge" feel to them. *wink*






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By Handhika Suyu Putro
posted on 05 December at 21:10

udah ntar aja yah ngmginnya,masalah gampang itu..ntar bisa kita pesen,okee bebii.. :*

By Devi S D. Mpi
posted on 05 December at 14:55

@[1668496538:2048:Handhika Suyu Putro] gimana yang cara beli nya?