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Hello From Iowa !

By Cait @caitscozycorner
Hello From Iowa !Morning everyone! I'm actually really excited to be posting from Iowa today! Zach, Lily and I made the trip out to visit friends, family and see our best friend's get married this weekend! You've met our besties, Felicia and Rob plus their 3 adorable kids! Ugh- when I say I'm going to cry pretty hard at this wedding, well... just pass the tissues!
Anyways, yesterday was a great treat as we got up early to catch our flight and Lily was extra excited because she was able to get her own seat on the plane for the first time. This is actually her 4th time flying in the last two and a half years and she does great the majority of the time. Of course, packing a ton of snacks, having my Kindle to watch movies and plenty of giggling and story time helps this girl pass the time on our way to our destination.
We arrived mid morning, picked up a friend's car who so graciously let us borrow it for the next few days as we're somewhere new everyday the rest of the week/weekend, and headed to Zach's parents family farm. It's been over a year since we've been back to their home and I love visiting every time. It's so different from how I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and I can't get enough of the peaceful sounds, birds chirping and the delicious home cooked meals my Mother-In-Law makes for everyone.
I was also extremely excited to be able to visit with one of my college roommates who I haven't seen since she had her sweet little boy Tristan. Ugh give me the baby fever ya'll because this little nugget is just about the cutest and sweetest like man. Lily took to him right away and I'm already nervous to see what mischief they might get into as they get older. Having your best friends have kids is such a blessing and I love seeing their personalities shine as they begin to learn about all there is in the world.
After lots of laughing, reminiscing about our good 'ol college days, being parents and trying to catch up as much as possible, Katie headed back to her home and my in-laws got in from work. We had such a nice time playing cards, showing Lily some of Zach's old toys that he used to play with as a little boy and a great big garden my in-laws have year round. Lily can't get enough and actually is staying with them until tomorrow while Zach and I help our friends get a few last minute wedding things done while we're in town.
Hope you all are having a great Thursday! 
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