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Hello, Again.

By Leslielazard @leslielazard

Hello, again.

I guess it’s pretty obvious by now that I’ve been on a mini blogging vacation lately. While I wish my break would have been spent on a gorgeous beach camped out under an umbrella, it happened to be way less glamorous than that. Honestly, I had lost my inspiration for blogging for a minute or two there. I started this blog almost a year and a half ago with a dedicated categorization of fashion blog. Flash forward to now and I’m truthfully burned out from fashion blogs and all of the pomp and circumstance associated with them.

Fashion blogging has become so unrealistic and staged. I refuse to put on a fake outfit just to photograph it and post it here on the blog. I’ve always wanted my blog to be relatable and showcase fashions that were wearable for my readers, and staging outfits just comes off as so unauthentic to me. The inauthenticity, along with the name brand dropping day in and day out, and pressure to have the perfectly styled outfit, home, office, etc. have left me with a case of serious blogger burnout. Disclaimer: I love fashion as much as the next girl, including designer fashions and name brands. I’m in no way trying to down anyone else’s wardrobe choices or how they choose to shoot/style posts for their blog. However, one of the main reasons I began to love fashion blogs is because of the relatable fashion and style aspect of them. And sometimes it seems that we’ve lost that along the way as a blogging community.

I’ll always love fashion, and blogging has been an amazing creative outlet for me. And no, I’m not calling it quits on blogging! Scared ya, didn’t I!? I just think it is time for a little change in gears and a new focus. I have been trying to get some inspiration back in these bones the past couple of weeks and I can slowly but surely feel it creeping back in. And so I say to blogging again – let’s do this.

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