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Hell Yeah

By Astylizedhysteria

If you were to meet me in real life, you’d notice that I have very good enunciation. I (generally) use proper grammar. I am proper and polite and I am not intimidating or tough at all. But in my head, I am a total and complete badass. And this badass tee from Kingdom of Style totally speaks to me. And it says “Go into a shady bar and order a whiskey shot. Play some Metallica on the jukebox. Steal someone’s motorcycle.” Now, I will never do any of these things (lost my taste for whiskey years ago and motorcycles scare me!) but at least I can pretend to be a badass, right?




I literally couldn’t wait until a more appropriate time to wear it, so I wore it to work. The blazer did a nice job of covering up some of it but I still felt badass underneath it all.


Look at me, I’m so cool I can’t even look at the camera.
Annnd…last night, two of my favorite things came together: bar method workouts and sparkly things! To be more specific, Bar Method Boston hosted Elizabeth Cole Jewelry in the studio, offering a generous discount on jewelry that ranged from glitzy and outrageous to…badass and spiky. I spent the whole workout thinking about the pretty baubles and once class ended, I got these earrings.


A little bit industrial, but still refined and small enough for everyday wear.



Chloe cat disapproves of my pretending to be tough. To be fair though, I do chase her around and smother her in kisses and sing to her.


blazer- Surface to Air
shirt- Borders & Frontiers collaboration with Kingdom of Style (available to purchase here)
pants- Gap
boots- Sam Edelman
necklace- H&M
earrings- Elizabeth Cole Jewelry


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