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"Hell Awaits You"

Posted on the 24 July 2014 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

It's always good to know the impact I'm having on readers.  Found in my in-box last night:

Beyond disturbing ravings of a self-proclaimed hero. Your concept of misogyny is beyond misguided. You represent noone but your own delusions. Sorry for your pain and suffering. To bad you feel the Fanmailneed to pollute the internet with your bull crap. Your website is the biggest advertisement against Christianity I have ever seen. 

Please consider sparing the masses and taking your meds. For your sake mostly. I'll take the traditional definition of gentleman any day. There is a point when you are not productive but actually damaging and hateful towards civilized Christians, environmentalists and feminists. Your myopic view of the world and its problems is toxic. No one is listening but your psychiatrist is waiting with his prescription pad. Do take care of yourself and medicate. It is very sad to see a sick person exploiting himself and his delusions for attention. 

Hell awaits you:(

Good Luck

Rachel Gray [[email protected]]

Being the curious guy that I am, I thought I'd ask Rachel for some context to help me understand fully my sin, she replied back quickly with this link to a hormone therapy for prostate cancer site.

I'm slow and not bright enough to get what she might be talking about so... thought I'd reach out to you smart people and ask for help.

Do you think Ms. Gray to be a french fry short of a happy meal?  Or is she, with a beguiling wit I'm just not getting, simply extending her insults?

Help a feller out.

And of course, carry on.

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