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Hélène Binet's Composing Space

By Dwell @dwell
If photography is painting with light, few make better canvases of buildings than Hélène Binet. The photographer has been documenting the world's most important structures for 25 years, and in late January, Phaidon released the limited edition book Composing Space: The Photographs of Hélène Binet. Not so much photographic accounts of a building, a Binet photo is far more interested in the play of light, the cant of an angle, the overlooked work that architecture does. Click through the slideshow to see how her elegant takes on Zumthor and Le Corbusier reveal how the great reaching details of these great designs actually function. From speckles of light to the cobbles on a street, Binet finds a kind of hidden exultant geometry everywhere she points her lens. Slideshow Kolumba Diocesan Museum by Helene Binet

The cover of Binet's book is a shot taken at Peter Zumthor's Kolumba Diocesan Museum in Cologne, Germany.

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