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Heidi by Michelle Miller

By Pamelascott

For an imaginative screenwriter, the best way to explain Wall Street is to strip the men of their suits in this flirty and provocative short story of sex, romance, and capitalism.

Heidi is writing a script to explain the financial industry, based on how the men within it approach romance. Her clueless heroine is looking for a Wall Street husband, but who's the best option? The Trader? The Investment Banker? The Venture Capitalist? Scene by sizzling scene, Heidi considers their assets. What she wants for certain is a happy ending-but when she hits a dead end, it might take a real-life finance guy to show her what a long-term investment really looks like.

Heidi is part of The Fairer Sex, a collection of sexy, satirical, and sometimes harrowing short stories that explore the question: "What do women want?" The answer is different for every woman, but each can be read or listened to in a single sitting.


[The porno is set in the present day but should be shot with the framing and colour tone of a 70's-era porno]


(Amazon Original Stories, 14 February 2019, ebook, 40 pages, ebook borrowed from @AmazonKindle #PrimeReading)



I usually enjoy the short reads from Amazon Original Stories. This is the best story in the series, but far. I really liked it. The story starts off as a script while I enjoyed reading, a tongue in cheek sex romp set in the world of finance. The rest of the story focuses on the script writer and the object of her desire. The whole story works well.

Heidi Michelle Miller

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