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Heath Ceramics Winter 2013 Collection

By Dwell @dwell
It's no secret that Dwell has a special affinity for Heath Ceramics. We've long loved the renowned midcentury pottery manufacturer and have covered their creations many times in the past, such as when they introduced the 'cool lava' glaze and their seasonal summer offerings. Now, Heath has released a new seasonal Winter collection that we positively love. In their own words "A crisp, frosty winter day. Warm hues meet a powdery snow." Slideshow Photo


Here, the iconic bud vase design gets a coat of a clay-like glaze that highlights the raw material while creating a lightness and texture reminiscent of the snow. "Warm earth tones, cool greys, and pops of rich turquoise make a well-rounded collection, evoking a cozy and frosty wintry day."

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