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Heartfelt Birthday Wishes He Would Never Forget

By Huntsends

Father to son as a son to father as it goes and as it rolls one day son also becomes a father. How being a father feels one can only understand when one becomes but we think it is really charismatic when you give birth to a new life, and when you see it alive and playing before you.

How is your relationship with your father? How you are like both? Usually it is a kind of saying or people say fathers and daughters bond forever as compare to fathers and sons. Mothers like their son a lot. Mama's boy! Mothers are always crazy for their sons and laud them every time with love.

Time is changing. Everywhere relationship scenario is also changing, and these days it is more private now. Though as people we must accept changes with time whether in relationship or with any other things. Apart from all, my relationship with my father is like a silent one. We usually don't more but say things silently or I understand them what my father want to say to me. It is not like a friendship but perhaps a different good one.

Nowadays relationship with parents is like friendship. You must or have to be friends. It is good because you can express yourself easily, both to each other, parents and children. Children easily say their parents I love you, where in past we see and get to know some couldn't. Different measurements. But we think today's relationship measurements are pretty good.

But if we go back, the relationship scenario of previous generation is more based on a sincere respect, obligation, and a bond to hold forever. Today we see when children get married they live their private life and don't want any kind of intervention from parents in their life. These days choices, freedom and how you want to live with your decisions matter more. Even though it is always different, always discussable and never ending topic.

Besides all, here are some talks of old memories. I remember how my parents used to celebrate my birthday at home. Relatives and friends were invited. And at that time, house parties were more preferred over banquets and hotels. Because middle class families always have preferred house parties rather than restaurants celebration. I also prefer house parties too.

But these days it has become customary to give part at a restaurant. At that time when we were, we used to receive gifts more like a cricket bat, cycle, books, colors, painting canvas, and the best one was a box full of chocolates. These days it is normal. Today's birthday gifts have no limit. We think these days it is more about money rather than feelings. I still remember when my mother's sister gave me a hand-woven sweater with love. I still have it and it is with so much love. No gift could replace it.

I don't say today's birthday parties and gifting system is not par with previous generation. Because we think with changing time everything changes and people should accept it. But somewhere I think people lack feelings these days. I don't blame anyone so please don't get offended.

Whatever it is, birthday parties are memories to hold for life, and what a father does for his son or children; children must do back for their parents. Because they need you in their old age.

And apart from all, if your son's birthday is coming and you want to say some best lines or wishes for him, you have a vast collection of heartfelt birthday wishes for son from where you can choose your best lines to pour love on your son. From our side, happy birthday to your son too! Make him a good gentleman!

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