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Healthy Hiking Snack Recipes

By Ally @allykitchen
Healthy Hiking Snack Recipes

Healthy Hiking Snack Recipes

Summer is approaching and that means family vacation season! I have crafted a list of healthy hiking snack recipes for these moments. Some of my favorite memories with my family include our annual hiking and camping trips. I remember my brothers, Banks and Cage, and me digging out our hiking boots from the garage, planning our course, and most of all, packing each of our fanny packs with snacks and trail must-haves.

In this blog post, I am going to share some of Ally's recipes, perfect for a healthy-hike and staying fueled on the trail. This will include quick breakfast options to fuel up prior to the hike, trail munchies, and lunch ideas for the top of the mountain/trial.

The photo below was taken in 2007 and is of my littlest brother Banks, father, and second-youngest brother Cage (from left to right). Healthy Hiking Snack Recipes

Quick Breakfast Options to Fuel-up:

Hiking requires a lot of energy and this means calories are important on highly active days. Whenever my family hikes, we like to leave the house in the early morning, so something has always been my Mama's motto-I know she wishes she had known about the two recipes below when we were children. healthy and quick

The first option is full of protein and only eight ingredients! This One-Minute Omelet can be eaten at home or is a great on-the-road option for mornings the family is running a little behind-which was a common reality when rallying my family to leave before 9:00am.

One-Minute Omelet:Citrus Honey Nut Oatmeal w/ Cream & Fresh Fruit Healthy Hiking Snack Recipes Healthy Hiking Snack Recipes

Oatmeal combined with fruit is full of complex-carbohydrates and healthy fiber. That means you will hit the trail with lots of energy and stay full longer-but if you get hungry before the top of the mountain, we have some trail options below. This recipe can be made in the morning as a hot dish, or the night before as an over-night cold oat option-both delicious!

Trail Munchies:

The following picture is of my brother Cage and me this past January in North Carolina. This photo was taken 13 years after the first photo! We still love to escape to the trails and reconnect with one another, and yes, we definitely had plenty of snacks in our pockets!

Healthy Hiking Snack Recipes
Applesauce Current Walnut Bread:Healthy Hiking Snack Recipes

Sea Salt, Raw Sugar, and Cinnamon, Roasted Walnuts:

This recipe makes me think of trail mix-but a scrumptious bread version that's just as easy to eat on-the-move. The use of walnuts and fruit reminds me of a homemade trail mix I used to make with my mama. She would take me to the grocery store with her and we would pick out nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, and a few kinds of seeds. This recipe complements these elements with the apple, current, and walnut ingredients.

Healthy Hiking Snack Recipes

This recipe has only five ingredients and is easy to store in a plastic bag for travel. In addition, all the ingredients in the title of this recipe have incredible health benefits. Sea salt is a great alternative to iodized table-salt and carries a much better flavor. Raw sugar is a great alternative to white sugar, as it is less processed. Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory agents and tastes like the beginning of autumn.

At the Top of the Mountain: Healthy Hiking Snack Recipes

Mountain Hippie Grilled CheeseHealthy Hiking Snack Recipes

Something like this! This photo was taken with Banks's GoPro on the top of Mt. Mitchell, perfect Mitchell sibling moment, right?

The name says it all-mountain + hippie + cheese! These are simple, delicious, and the perfect sandwich to look forward to at the top of the mountain or scenic lunchtime stop.

Lentil Granola CupsHealthy Hiking Snack Recipes

As a side dish for sandwiches, how YUM do these snacks look? There is something about the word 'granola' that just makes me think of hiking and spending time in nature.

Tag your photos at Ally's Kitchen on if you try any of these recipes on your next adventure. We would love to share. While this is a time of social distancing and quarantining with minimal outer-world contact, nature still provides a respite. Blessings on your May!

By Allie Mitchell Healthy Hiking Snack Recipes

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