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Healthy Daliya Kabab

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka
Healthy broken wheat and vegetable patties

Daliya /Cracked wheat is made with whole raw wheat kernels ,which are crushed ,grind or milled coarsly.It is a excellent source of fiber and low in fat.It is a very reasonably priced Super health food in comparison to oats,cornflakes,Quinoa etc.

It is easy to cook and easy to digest so it advised as a health food for patients and kids.This is also a ideal food for Diabetics, people want to loose weight and heart patients.

The high fiber content make the stomach full for a long time so good as a breakfast and lunch box variety.In Northern India it is a popular breakfast item.Used as a sweet porridge - Daliya Kheer,or healthy and quick savoury -Vegetable and Daliya upma.

Two types of daliya are mainly available,one is fine and the other is with medium can use any but I prefer to use the fine one to make this.The amount of water used to cook depends on the quality of daliya ,so add accordingly.

This is a healthy and low fat snack,you can mix any vegetable of your choice in it and can also increase the quantity of vegetables.Kids will surely love these delicious kababs and you can stuff the patties in the burger instead of regular potato patties to make the burger more healthy and nutritious.

Healthy Daliya Kabab

Prep time-10 min
Cooking time-15 min


  • Cracked wheat /Daliya / Fada- 1/2 cup
  • Mix vegetables, finely chopped-3/4 cup
  • Potato,boiled and mashed -2 cups
  • Fresh coriander,chopped - 3 tbsp
  • Cumin seeds/jeera - 1tsp
  • Chili powder/lal mirch- 2 tsp
  • Garam masala- 1/2 tsp
  • Mango powder /Amchoor-1 tsp
  • Chat masala - 1tsp
  • Cooking oil - 4 tbsp
  • Water -1.5 cup
  1. In a pressure cooker add 2 tsp of cooking oil.
  2. Add cumin seeds and daliya and saute for 2 minutes on medium heat.
  3. Now add chopped vegetables and 1.5 cups of water
  4. Pressure cook on medium heat for 3 whistles.
  5. Spread the cooked daliya on a plate to cool down completely.
  6. Add mashed potato, chopped coriander and all the spices in the cooked daliya and mix well.
  7. Grease your palms with little oil and make round patties of medium size and keep aside.
  8. Heat 1.5 tbsp of oil in a non stick pan .
  9. Shallow fry the patties in batches on medium heat to a nice golden color.
  10. Drain the patties on a kitchen towel to absorb the extra oil.
  11. Serve hot with ketchup or any tangy dip of your choice.
Serving suggestions-serve as a snack or stuff in a bun to make a healthy burger.

NOTE-1- 1/2 cup of daliya became about 3 cups after boiling2- Amount of water used to cook daliya also depends on the its quality .3-I have used chopped fresh beans,corn, carrot and cauliflower but you can use any fresh or frozen vegetable of your choice.4- Can substitute soaked bulgar instead of daliya.

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