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Healthy Amla Chutney Recipe | Amla Chutney

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Amla Chutney- Healthy and delicious Indian gooseberry chutney with a twist

Amla chutney is among the healthiest chutney we can make easily . Amla is a power house of Vitamin C and many more nutrients.

During winter very good quality of amla/ Indian Gooseberry is available at very reasonable price so its a good idea to use this healthy fruit in our diet in one way or the other . I love making all sorts of pickles, jam and chutnies so I always make different types of preserves from this healthy amla.

The easiest and best recipe to consume and preserve amla is to make its chutney. It is so easy that everyone can easily make it with the basic ingredients available in every Indian kitchen. This chutney is so versatile that it can be served as a dip with snacks, as a sandwich spread or a side dish with your meal.

Normally we make chutney with raw chopped amla pieces ground with coriander, mint, chili and spices. The texture of this chutney with raw amla is very fluffy kind of thickness. The taste also remain slight bitter. Last week I tried making this chutney differently and loved the improved taste and texture.

How to Make Amla Chutney

After washing I chopped the amla pieces into small pieces. Then made a tempering with some cumin and added the chopped amla in it. sauted the pieces till they become soft. Let them cool down completely. Now add the chopped coriander, mint, green chilies and spices . Add some water and grind to make into a fine paste. Delicious amla chutney is ready to serve. You can easily store it for 10 days in the refrigerator.

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Healthy Amla Chutney Recipe | Amla Chutney

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Amla Chutney with a twist

Author: Anjana Chaturvedi

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