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Health Update.

By Jadecharlotte @jadeodonnell_
health update.Originally posted: 20th June 2019Saturday will mark two weeks since I’ve been back at work and I still can’t quite believe I’m actually typing that. Last Saturday was interesting (queue one of the most horrific flare ups I’ve had in a long while) at one point I didn’t think I’d actually even make it in but I did and saw the shift through thank god. We’re now also 99.9% sure that all of these issues are partly hereditary. Looking back on how much my wonderful, lovely Grandma struggled in scarily the exact same way as me has been — in a sense, a form of inspiration. I can’t ever remember her complaining once. Unlike me who’ll complain until the cows come home. She just always seemed to get on with it as best she could and soldier on. I think that’s a good way to approach the bad days. Be more like a Grandma. Try your best, do what you can and always stop for tea and biscuits. 

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