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Health Ministry to Punish Anti-vaccine Doctors

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
As reported in JPost, the Health Ministry in Israel is starting to fight against the anti-vaxxers movement.
The Health Ministry announced it will take legal action against two doctors for advising thousands of patients against vaccines. If convicted of this serious negligence, these doctors could have their medical licences revoked.
I am happy they are finally starting to deal with the issue. I do not know the right course of action. While I fear this will not help much as anti-vaxxers will see this as proof of their "big pharma" conspiracy to silence doctors who are against vaccines and doctors who "speak the truth", I do not know what the best solution is. But at least they are doing something now.
Also even if anti-vaxxers see this as part of the big conspiracy, at least two doctors promoting the agenda and advising patients will now, if convicted, will now not be able to push people in that direction.
Happy something is finally being done, and hopefully it is just the start of a broader campaign.
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