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Health and Beauty Pick June 27: Zumba!

By Nicelise
Health and Beauty Pick June 27: Zumba!Whether you are still working on your bikini bod or are just looking to have some fun, Zumba might be something to consider trying. I had wanted to try it for a while, but never got around to it until recently. I didn't know what to expect, but it was definitely a fun class to take.
I usually do cross-training and kick boxing workouts, so I was open to try something new. Occasionally I get bored with my workouts and Zumba was a nice change of pace.
Health and Beauty Pick June 27: Zumba!
I was sweating, out of breath and my muscles were burning, but I wasn't even thinking about that because I was having a good time. The instructor would switch up the pace from medium to fast to vary our heart rates and we were dancing to fun music. At one point the instructor pulled out skirts with bells on them for us to put on and shake our hips!
Health and Beauty Pick June 27: Zumba!I took the class at a local dance studio, but many gyms offer Zumba classes. If you prefer to do it in the privacy of your own home, there are plenty of videos you can buy and even a Zumba game for Wii and other gaming consoles.
If you're looking for a new workout, want to switch up your routine or are just trying to find something to do with friends, I would definitely suggest trying Zumba. You'll have fun sweating it out.

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