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He's Done, and He KNOWS It.

Posted on the 29 November 2011 by Mikeb302000
I'm guessing that Herman Cain is fooling himself by waiting for another 24 to 48 hours to discontinue his campaign.  I doubt anyone believes this is REALLY about saving his family from stress; if that were the case, he wouldn't have been putting his family through the stress of the multiple sexual harassment accusations.  That THOSE were paid off, in at least a couple of cases, suggests strongly to me that they did in fact occur.
Rather this is everything about saving Cain's own face / ass.  This tells me that he really HAS had a 13 year affair, and that there is plenty of proof.  The phone records that show 4 a.m. phone calls rather convincingly belie that his relationship was about financially helping this woman, particularly when the relationship ever so conveniently ended just a week or so before entering the presidential race.  The man is a hypocrite.  That the right wing base in places like Iowa would excuse sexual harassment, but then get bent over a sexual affair, seems to me a questionable moral compass on the part of the right wing / conservatives polled over primary candidates.  Personally, I have no problems believing any of these claims about Cain; all his denials lack the ring of truth.
Stick a fork in yourself Herman; you're done and past done.  And after this.... I can only wonder what your future job prospects are going to be.  Because apparently you're not only stupid about current events in Becky Becky Stan, and Libya, you're not able to keep your private parts in your pants, and your hands off the female employees; and your track record as a CEO is in reality considerably less than distinguished.
But I'm betting some think tank, probably funded by the Koch Brothers, will provide a comfortable niche out of sight of the media for a while.  That seems to be the unofficial golden parachute for failed right wing culture warrior failed politicians.  Maybe they'll give you an office next door to Michele Bachmann, if she doesn't manage a gig over on Faux Nuisance.
The "I didn't do anything wrong, but I have to protect my poor pitiful weak wife and kids from all that stuff I didn't do" line, in my opinion, merely increases what I think of here as the 'sleazy weasel factor'.  In point of fact, I would credit his wife and kids with more moral fiber, courage and strength of character than the asshole candidate Herman Cain.  Taking this tack multiplies the consequences of his failing; it does not mitigate or ameliorate it in any degree whatsoever.
Herman, you're pond scum.
Reassessment= political speak for my re-ASS-essment is grass, and the press and my political adversaries have a lot of lawn mowers.
I have to wonder if a new disappointment and condemnation of Cain over an affair is going to translate into a revived unhappiness with Nut Gingrich and HIS inability to keep his bits in his pants, not to mention HIS hypocrisy in having an affair while condemning Bill Clinton for far less egregious sexual misconduct.  Bill was wrong, Bill was bad, but Bill didn't divorce Hilary, and he didn't go all the way, while Newt rounded all the proverbial bases a few too many times.
So, it's unlikely Nut Gingrich will last; there's too much newt news coming out about him for that to happen.  Who will be the next not-Romney flavor of the month?
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Cain tells staff he's reassessing campaign

Will the newest recent allegations Herman Cain seal his fate?By NBC's Alex Moe and Andrew RaffertyHerman Cain told senior campaign staff members Tuesday that he's "reassessing" his campaign in the wake of a fresh allegation that he engaged in a 13-year-long extramarital affair.
Steve Grubbs, the candidate's Iowa campaign chairman, confirms to NBC News that Cain said he's taking a step back, much as he did after his finish in the Ames Straw Poll in August, to evaluate the direction of his campaign. The call included Cain's 50 state directors, and the reassessment will occur over the next two days.
This reassessment coincides with a new allegation from Ginger White, an Atlanta woman who says that she and Cain engaged in an affair for well over a decade, one that ended only recently. Cain has denied the affair.
Cain reiterated his claim, made yesterday in reaction to the new allegation, that White was simply a friend who he had sought to help financially, and that nothing inappropriate had happened between the two of them.
The former Godfather's Pizza CEO, who has faced a string of different allegations of sexual harassment, also said that he had no immediate plans to cancel his campaign events; he still intends to deliver a major foreign policy speech tonight in Michigan.
But Cain acknowledged the emotional toll that the claims against him had taken on his family. He said yesterday on CNN that he would stay in the campaign as long as his wife continued to believe he should stay in the race.
In the same interview, though, Cain opened the door to a possible exit from the race.
"It's just the way it is, but I'm not going to allow this sort of thing to cause me to drop out simply because it's tough on me. I don't want it to be tough on my family. And there comes a point that if it's tough on my family, I have to consider that at that particular point in time," he said.
Asked whether he would drop out if the race became too tough, Cain said: "I'll make that decision depending upon the circumstances and how it is impacting my wife and my family. That's my number one concern by all of these accusations."
SLIDESHOW: Herman Cain
***UPDATE*** Cain spokesman J.D. Gordon tells NBC News: "It's a reassessment of where we stand and the road ahead, similar to other times in the campaign's history. We're looking forward to getting back on message tonight with the Foreign Policy and National Security speech at Hillsdale College in Michigan."

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