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HC Unit - Squaring the Circle - Cubi-crystalline Sub-atomic Structure

Posted on the 28 June 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
for years, modern physics has talked about atoms as a central arrangement of proton/nucleus surrounded by clouds of eletrons in various energy configurations. The electron shells of these atoms link in various pree-configured ways to make molecules.
HC Unit theory states that, unlike this hierarchic CENTRALISED model of the atom, the truth is more, roundabout, more CIRCULAR. Hence the squared-circle assertion in the title of this post.
I've done one or two of these "what my HC Unit atom looks like" videos and never really felt truly comfortable with the results, it's a work in progress after all. But, I believe, the reality of the cyclic nature of atomic structure will be well within comprehensive grasp, in my life time.

NOTE: I started putting together this squared-circle atomic demo yesterday in 3DS Max, I got a bit stuck after Helium which is HC12. Last night I dreamt of an island that had 'secret islands' around it, revealed by the shifting tide. In the dream, I couldn't find the islands (in fact, it felt like I spent all night running around this place looking for prominences in the sea) because I was looking in the wrong place. The HC Sea is not always planar.
This morning I understand the HC-version of the carbon and diamond as a planar-to-cubic emulation of the structure of Neon.
You still with me?

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