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Hawker Hunter F.51

By Htam

2015 DSC_4795_D7100

@ Aviodrome, Lelystad, Netherlands

August 2015

Visited this Dutch aviation museum and was pleased to see this Hunter at the front door.  Originally designed as a British air superiority fighter in the 1950’s, the Hunter went on to become the most successful post-war English military aircraft with almost 2000 being produced.  With classic flowing lines, many agree that this is one of the most beautiful fighter designs ever.  The F.51 variant was produced by Hawker specifically for Denmark, first flight on 27th March 1956 and served with Esk 724.  She was bought back by Hawker in 1976 and sold to the Aviodrome in 1979.   Nikon D7100 w/18-200mm, processing and Aperture.

Hawker Hunter F.51

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