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Having More Fun in the Studio

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

When you put your art out there for the world to see, which we can all do now thanks to the internet, you get all kinds of reactions.  Those of us who have made art all our lives and exhibited publicly in gallery shows, have enough experience to let the negative reactions and comments slide off us for the most part. 

When you are painting abstract art, especially, you can expect some people to say, "My kid could do that," or to think we make abstract art because we don't know how to draw and paint realistically from life.  

When I wasn't selling my art, I painted for myself.  Once I began to sell it, I worried more about my "public."  And since I write about my art all the time, I was careful to keep my private life and opinions out of it.

But here I am, at the final sprint of life.  I feel I can paint and write what I want to now without the burden of censorship.  That doesn't mean I don't edit or try to write in the most engaging way possible.  I still care about the writing process and the painting process.

All of that is a long introduction to the work I'm doing now repainting some of my old canvases.  I'm letting my self go and having more fun in the studio. 

Today I continued work on Entropy Two, solidifying colors and shapes to make the composition stronger and clearer.  I worked slowly, stepping back often to see what I wanted to do next. 

  Entropy Two, 36" x 36" acrylic on canvas.

I like it now.  I'll see what I think tomorrow.

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