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Having a Nosey at Other Plots

By Chrryblossomtat2
Our field is always so quiet that it sometimes feels that any work done must be that of fairies or leprechauns (though we all know they are cheeky and rambunctious, so probably not them). Often I'm amazed when I take a dander around that plants are growing and thriving as they are; though more often my true suspicions are confirmed - few plot holders are bothering.
I love to nosey around, always seeing something on another's plot of interest and I am overjoyed to say that new people have moved in to the plot beside us (14a) and clearance has well and truly started there too.
Isn't it fabulous that we plot holders all get the same amount of land yet not one person does the same thing with theirs! Each plot, each half plot is a slice of someone's personality and circumstances.
So here are just a few photos from around field A that caught my eye last weekend....

'' ~ An allotment blog

Almost everyone has at least one birdhouse - this makes me very happy

 A love for sunflowers and marigolds

'' ~ An allotment blog

What a fantastic color to see all over the field at this time of year

The different states of plots at present

'' ~ An allotment blog

Abandoned; dug over and covered for winter; still producing (and this one oh so neat!)

Moments of love 

'' ~ An allotment blog

Such love has gone into painting this shed; Andrew being romantic *blush*; letting the birds share your table

I love these sort of little vignettes and I hope you do too, there will be less of them as the winter comes along and many people decide it's too cold/damp/dreary to go to the plots at all.
Love and hugs for your upcoming weekend!

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