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Have Your Photo Featured on London Billboard

Posted on the 27 February 2015 by 72point @72hub

Holiday photos have become a rather monotonous affair. Bare feet snaps with a backdrop of golden sand and sea, pretty landscapes and selfies next to the pool. Needless to say that when summer roles around our social media feeds are a constant stream of the same picture in a different destination.

But British Airways are out to change all that with a new photography competition entitled ‘Inspire Us’. The campaign looks to “encourage people to ditch sausage legs and the selfie-sticks in favour of something a bit more interesting”, with the winners given the ultimate opportunity to boast when BA blow the photos up on billboards across London and the south east.

In order to stay clear of monotony the airliner has commissioned a study into the most common social media boasts. The survey found landscapes and photos on the beach are the most common photo boasts (boastagraphs) when on holiday, with beautiful or unusual buildings coming in third spot and pictures of the pool in fourth.

Top 10 Most Common Photo Boasts 

1.  Landscapes

2.  The beach

3.  Beautiful or unusual buildings

4.  The pool

5.  The sea

6.  Sunsets

7.  Selfies

8.  My hotel room

9.  Food

10.  Cocktails

In order to stand out from the crowd, a British Airways spokesperson suggested photographers should “look for moments and situations that will surprise your friends, make them laugh or inspire them, and you can’t go wrong.”

The Inspire Us photo challenge runs until 15th March 2015. There are 10 trips up for grabs from London Gatwick.

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