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Have You Thought About Freelancing?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
So many writers have blogs and no jobs. Can they freelance? I read an inspiring blog this morning about someone who lost their job and after blogging found their dream job writing. It got me to thinking about others and if they could freelance. Have You Thought About Freelancing? What are the pros and cons? If you like to write there are options available to you. You could be a copy writer, a content writer, a product description writer, etc. They are many choices available out there. The bigger the internet becomes the more content that will be needed.
Pros of Freelancing
  • You can make your own hours
  • You can have your kids around or drop them off and pick up as needed
  • You can be creative
  • You can wear what you want unless you are meeting clients
  • The Sky's the limit
  • Have You Thought About Freelancing? Cons of Freelancing
  • You will make less money in the beginning than a regular job
  • You don't have others around to bounce ideas with
  • You'll have a limited budget to promote your work
  • You have to become a self starter and learn to have a schedule

  • Do you need help with your writing and freelancing and want to take it to another level? There is a new website with help from real people for freelancers to do just that:
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