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Have You Put on Tefillin, Brother?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

Two secular Israeli internet stars, whatever that means, have put out a new smartphone app to help people put on tefillin.
Sounds strange? It does to me, but they say that because they are secular, they talk to the Israeli general public in their language. Being secular, one with tattoos and the other with piercings and still able to do this mitzva, the young people see that and decide they also can and there is nothing wrong with it.
They decided to do this to bring people closer to Hashem, to say thank you. Nowadays we connect quickly to things that are not important but forget to take the five minutes just to say thank you.
The new app, called הנחת אחי? - have you put [tefillin] on yet today, brother? - can be set to remind you at whatever frequency you wish to put on tefillin - daily, weekly, specific days, how many reminders and warnings to get... The app also has other features and challenges, and it can be used to help find a nearby shul, it connects you with friends and other people who also put tefillin on from whom you can borrow tefillin if you don't have your own, etc.
very cool

Here is a link to the app on Google Play Store
I am sure the Chabadniks would not mind this competition
sources: Kipa, INN
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