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Have You Ever Wondered Why Fleas Can Jump So Far?

By Probestpest @ProBestPest

Have you ever wondered why fleas can jump so far?

They can jump due to their very strong back legs and from pads of a rubber-like protein called resilin. Some fleas can jump up to 150 times their own body length. What would that be to a human – a 100 story building.

Fleas caused the Bubonic Plague back in 1358 and are found throughout the U.S. We normally don’t have much of a problem here in Arizona, I think mainly due to the lack of humidity.

Flea control is really a four-step process: Stop wild animals from coming into your yards and absolutely making sure they cannot get into your home, the pet should be treated, indoor and outdoor control. This process can also be used on ticks, which we do have issues with in Arizona. Don’t confuse Ticks with Bed Bugs.


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