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Have You Dropped All Your Domains?

Posted on the 12 May 2018 by Worldwide @thedomains

So a year ago Rick Schwartz tweeted out that 90% of all domain investors should start over.

90% of every domainer should drop ALL their #Domains and start again! They are so far off the path that it is sad to see. #gtld#Startups

— Rick Schwartz (@DomainKing) May 16, 2017

The thread here got a lot of comments, some touched upon the topic of a post I wrote last week. “Are old school domainers still relevant?”

Tim wrote:

Funny how when we read about a sale Rick had it is for a domain he bought 15-20 years ago. How much of his thousands of recent hand registrations is he selling? Easy when you get in on the ground floor.

To which Rick replied:

It’s never EASY no matter what “Floor” you get on!

A recent poll on Namepros would suggest not as many people need to start over as Rick thought. The caveat here being that people are telling the truth, and this is domaining after all.

A poll at Namepros which had 177 votes, went against those opinions with the majority of voters claiming to be profitable over their investment lifetime.

Domaining Profits

So has anyone started over in the last year?

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