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Have You Discovered Lockerz???

By Robinavidor @robinavidor



Have you discovered LOCKERZ yet? If not, today is your lucky day! Lockerz is a place to put all of your favorite things, find inspiration, love items, shop with points you earn just for posting and loving things and more!

For me it is a place to store items and ideas I want to remember and have easy access too. For example, when I am in the nail salon to get a manicure and trying to describe in words what I want and no one gets it. You've been there right, it is so frustrating. (this is where I met the Nail Nazi, but that is another story!)

All I have to do is open my Lockerz on my phone and voila! there are all of my favorite nail ideas! Check it out, a picture is worth a thousand words! You can see my whole collection here...
My Fab Mani and Pedi Lockerz

Or let's say I want the newest Christian Louboutin's and know that that ain't happenin!! But in any store I may be able to find an impostor that I can afford and again voila! I open my locker and there are all of my favs at my finger tips!! You can see my whole collection here...

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes Lockerz!!
Get the idea? And in addition to that you are getting feedback on what you put in your LOCKERZ to help you decide. You get ideas from celebs, musician, and the STYLE COUNCIL! which I just happen to be part of. So go ahead, take the plunge and fill your locker at LOCKERZ !! Be sure to sign up while you are there and be careful, it is highly addictive!!
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