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Have You Checked In With Foursquare?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Have you checked in with Foursquare yet? Foursquare has been around since 2009 and I held out until this week. It was better than I anticipated.
Have You Checked In With Foursquare?
I had held out because I thought "Do I really want everyone to know where I am?" You get to choose your friends on Foursquare - I started with some friends from Twitter. I did a few check in's mostly at restaurants that I visited. You can do as much or as little as you want. What I liked was it generated more Twitter conversations. That came as a surprise to me. The more friends you add the more conversations will happen on Twitter. You can also message friends on Foursquare itself. Using Foursquare on my Android is very easy and should be the same for iPhone users.
Have You Checked In With Foursquare?
Here are some things you can do on Foursquare:
  • Check In to businesses or anyplace that you set up
  • Give a Tip of the business - A tip on Foursquare is a review
  • Become a Mayor - It's based on the days you check in to a place over 60 days - whoever has the most becomes mayor. Businesses may offer you specials as the mayor. (You also have to have your photo uploaded to become a mayor.)
  • Follow Friends and only accept who you want to follow you
  • Give a Shout - Let friends know about the place you checked in to, like "it's crowded", "with great friends", "awesome food", etc.
  • Find Specials - See which businesses are offering specials in your area
  • Share your check in's on Facebook and Twitter if you want
  • Emergencies - Remember hearing about people in the rubble after an earthquake being found from Twitter? I think Foursquare would be good in these situations - especially if you share location on Facebook and Twitter, family or friends would know your location.

  • If you are not on Foursquare what are you waiting for? If you are can you offer more tips here?

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