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Hating The Reader - Part Deux

Posted on the 13 December 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Hating The Reader - part deux
back in 2008 I wrote the short sharp shocking anti-sales polemic HATING THE READER, a piece that might have actually come about in an earlier version some time after 2002, to be quite honest, prior to the release of my Szmonhfu novel (from Eraserhead Press) as that's when I started formulating then honing the techniques of the wretched Hertzan Chimera writing persona.
My HATING THE READER theme (or schtick, if you like) has been brooding around in my writerly mind since I had to deal with the MORONS on the small press horror forums, and that's the writers not the readers.
But it's the readers towards whom this spleen-bile is directed, once again, this fine frosty morning.
The Reader (there you've a proper noun) reads, but he doesn't listen.
Why? In novels like The Osterman Weekend, The Matarese Circle and the Bourne Series, in fact all through the 1980's and 90's, the writer Robert Ludlum, this World Bestselling writer, outlines the lawlessness, the profiteering and the corruption of the Corporate War Game. Allegedly, as evidenced by this bestseller's list, this writer's been read by literally millions of avid fans in airport waiting rooms around the world for decades.
They read, but what didn't they see?
Iran Contra, Kennedy Assasination, Gulf of Tonkin (and a swathe of false flag operations from Gladio to Al Qaeda) have shown us that, "There's no smoke without fire," right? The Reader must have just 'read these books as nothing more than excruciatingly funny anti-CIA anti-FSB slander'. I can't see what other way they could have read them. And enjoyed them. And gone back for more, book after book. Is that it? Can that be it? Is the reader ONLY concerned with taking the piss and lying about the way your Corporate Umbrella Govs work, like they don't really exist? Like they don't even care?
Is the world viewed through a lampooning (The Onion-like) filter of farce for the sake of entertainment, by The Reader? Do you THE READER, you there reading this, not really see that there is sickness, death, illness and misery toll of enormous proportions all over the world in the name of profit, and portrayed in these 'entertainment products' for you? Ask ANY POLICEMAN and he'll say, "Yeah, most crime has a basis in MONEY," or the need to pay back some debt or afford some necessity like food water shelter.
Can't you SEE with your eyes, rather than just gormlessly reading?
"FREE PLANET," did you see that?

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