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HATER ALERT! LeDouche Was In Full Effect Yesterday

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit


Damn Lebron made me eat my words.  Just hours after dropping a post saying I was done hating on him, he had one of his most douchey days in recent memory.  I mean he just reeked of douche from start to his 6th foul in game four last night of the Eastern Conference Finals.  How did it go down?  Glad you asked.

In all honestly, it couldn’t have worked out any worse for Lebron.  Yesterday ESPN released an article titled Lebron Sees Flopping To A Point.  The problem was the article started with this line: “LeBron James vehemently denies he’s a flopper but openly recognizes it as an effective strategy.”  

So Lebron’s not a flopper?  Really?  Then how would explain this via Deadspin?

HATER ALERT! LeDouche Was In Full Effect Yesterday

See, that was from last night’s playoff game.  The same day an article was published by butt sniffer ESPN that started by saying “LeBron James VEHEMENTLY denies he’s a flopper.”  And round and round we go.  Don’t forget to check out all of Lebron’s flops from the past via Deadspin as well!

Later on in the game Lebron fouled out for just the second time in his playoff career.  It was a pretty debatable call, but then Lebron started acting like a 12 year old playing rec league.

Here’s how he looked as his team was still fighting to win the game:

HATER ALERT! LeDouche Was In Full Effect Yesterday
HATER ALERT! LeDouche Was In Full Effect Yesterday

That first one cracked me up as his team was in the huddle late in the game and was simply wandering around mid court staring at anything and nothing.  More likely contemplating his post game interview than what his team may be doing to win.

But it gets better.  James actually thinks just about none of his fouls were actually fouls.  Don’t believe me?  head over to Sports Illustrated to read how James felt about every one of his fouls.  Including this quote: “I believe I was straight up and down on Paul George’s drive, on the and‑one,” James said. “They reversed a call with Hibbert, called a foul [on] me on that one. And at the end of the third [quarter] they called a push‑off on David West. … It was a couple of calls that I didn’t feel like were fouls, personal fouls on me.  That’s how the game goes sometimes.”

So Lebron, in one quote said 3 of his six fouls weren’t fouls.  So why didn’t he just tell the refs that so they could change the call?  He is King James don’t remember.  Perhaps it’s this quote from early May that pisses people off:  with a hearty laugh, the Miami Heat forward added, “I don’t have to look at my fouls because it’s usually at zero.”

So let me get this straight, a guy who’s 6’8″ 270lbs, is lightning quick and involved in almost every play both offensively and defensively doesn’t usually commit fouls?  I’d figure Lebron for about 2 fouls a game.  The guy is big and challenges everything on the court.  But to come out and laugh and say you don’t usually commit fouls is just a straight clown move bro.

Damn I thought I had come so far.  Looks like I just guzzled a full on bottle of haterade.  I’m not going to lie, it feels good to be back!

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