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Harry Potter Home Inspiration – Hagrid’s Hut

By Melissak

Rubeus Hagrid or Hagrid is one of the most interesting characters in Harry Potter.  The groundskeeper and general nice guy of Hogwarts,  stayed in a cut little hut on the grounds.  The lovable half giant, sure has a heart of gold and cared for any animal he got his hands on.

Hagrid’s hut is an inviting little place, that had a lot of regular visitors ( I’m looking at you Harry and the gang), it was homely with a lot of charm.

Quilts, wooden floors, a fireplace that was used for cooking, hanging baskets are just a few things I think about when imagining Hagrid’s hut.  Also pumpkins, lots and lots of pumpkins.  The pumpkin juice has to come from somewhere!


Let’s bring Hagrid’s hut alive and a little bit more liveable.


^^ Growing some pumpkins in unique ways is the first step in bringing a little Hagrid into your home.

download (1)

^^ Instead of hanging cages on your ceiling. Why not hang pretty baskets.

download (6)

^^ When your wand is an umbrella, you are going to want to store in a mighty fine place.

download (2)
images (2)
images (4)

^^ Cooking over your fireplace has never been so stylish.

images (12)
images (13)
images (14)
images (15)

^^ Storing your firewood doesn’t need to look bad, these are wonderful, tidy and stylish ways to store it.

images (5)
images (6)
images (7)
images (8)

^^ I love the look of a nice quilt.  Placing it on your bed creates a nice whimsy feel.

download (3)
images (9)
images (10)

^^ A nice faux fur throw over your couch is essential and looks so good.

download (7)
download (8)
images (16)
images (17)

^^ Living in a small hut by the woods is a dream of mine, but boy would I be scared at night.  Candles on the wall is essential for keeping all the bad mystical creatures away.

images (18)
images (19)
images (20)

^^ Yes, you are a muggle and you have little muggle hand, unlike our half giant friend that would easily drink out of these teacups.  You will just have to settle with using them as a planter.

Happy Friday guys.  Have a lovely weekend.

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