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Harmony Between Children and Dog

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
dogs and kid

According to research, kids who grow up with pets in the house, and who are taught to treat them with respect and care, are more likely to do better at school and develop into well-balanced and responsible adults. If you’re a parent, there can be no better reason to have a dog. To create harmony between children and dog, parents/elders should:

  • Supervise interaction
  • Teach kids to respect the dog
  • Show children correct handling and training procedures
  • Encourage bonding
  • Involve children in daily care
  • Forbid cruelty

Safety First

If there are children in the household, they must be taught to respect the dog and how to correctly handle and speak to him. It’s surprising just how tolerant some dogs and puppies can be with babies and young children, but this is not something you should put to the test.


kids and dog

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You must children not to disturb the dog, especially by grabbing at him, when he is resting in his bed, or eating his food, or he may bite. It’s advisable to steer clear of the more naturally aggressive breeds if you have kids, and carefully choose one of the more gentle, equable types.


Never leave young children alone with a dog, no matter how good-natured or trustworthy you think the animal is. Often, quite unintentionally, children can harass a dog unmercifully, until he can take no more and bites to warn them off (as he would an unruly pup in the pack). This is unacceptable in a human environment so, for everyone’s sake, don’t put the dog or children in a situation in which they are at risk.

kids and dog

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