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Haredim and Reform Come to Agreement

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Recently Rosh Chodesh at the Kotel has been relatively quiet. Most of the fighting between the Haredi worshipers and the Women of the Wall worshipers seems to have stopped.
It seems this quiet might now get some sort of "permanent" status.
Avihai Mandelblit, the cabinet secretary and incoming Attorney General, had been tasked with negotiating between the groups and coming up with a solution. Mandelblit has announced that an agreement has been reached, and the agreement will be set in law.
According to Mandelblit, the Women of the Wall (and Reform) will stop using the Kotel area and will only daven in the area of Robinson's Arch, and they will have there a sefer Torah. However, they will not perform weddings or circumcision ceremonies in the area of Robinson's Arch, and will not play music on Shabbos or holidays. As well, no signs will be installed directing people to that area.
source: Kikar and NRG
I am happy they were able to come to an agreement and avoid further fighting. If they are all happy, it sounds good to me, though I don't really get how this is significantly different than the previous arrangement.
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