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Haredim Against Haredim Seems to Be Ok

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
When MK Mickey Levy (Yesh Atid) recently called, from the Knesset podium, Haredim 'parasites', there was an uproar, in the press, but especially in the haredi press and in the haredi communities. Rightfully so. there is no room for such talk and for such vitriol to be spewed, in addition to the possibility of it leading to violence - dehumanizing groups by calling them such names is the beginning of the path to violence.
Yet, when some haredi groups attack other haredi groups with similar names, such as the current ongoing campaign by some in the more extreme end of the haredi camp, calling people vermin (chardak), nobody seems to say a word. I have yet to see a movement in the haredi camp to put an end to these attacks. They are just as vile, and the fact that they are not made from the Knesset podium makes them no less vile. They are in the walls and the floors of haredi neighborhoods, and the askanim should be putting an end to it. It seems they only care about such vitriol from the outside, but not from within. Yet, the vitriol from within has already led to violence.
According to news reports, the phenomenon of haredim physically attacking haredi soldiers is increasing. the army is trying to fight the phenomenon by involving the rabbonim and trying to get them to denounce it. As well, a volunteer haredi policeman from Bnei Braq has also publicized the increased attacks against him, largely by kids, and against other haredi policemen.
While perhaps initially the thought might have been to ignore it, as it looked like a stupid campaign that would eventually go away, those behind it have persisted. They keep printing and distributing more and more of these, and the name is becoming commonly used and well-known. And violence is increasing because of it.
This campaign is vile and it should be stopped immediately. The silence about it from the haredi politicians, press and askanim is disappointing.
Haredim against haredim seems to be ok
Haredim against haredim seems to be ok
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