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Haredi Soldier Told to Remove Uniform in Bet Shemesh

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
BSN is reporting that a Haredi soldier living in Bet Shemesh received a letter complaining about him walking through the neighborhood in his IDF uniform.
Haredi soldier told to remove uniform in Bet Shemesh
In the letter, the writer "pleaded" with the soldier to not harm the education of the children, and to stop walking around the neighborhood in his uniform. The writer says it is not personal against him, the soldier, but against the uniform.
The soldier publicized the letter and wrote on Facebook that he is proud to serve the country and will continue wearing his uniform with pride.
Of course the letter is not actually signed, because it is much easier to hide behind anonymity and make out as if your are speaking on behalf of all the residents of the neighborhood....
On the one hand, this is far better than a physical attack, attacks that are unfortunately not uncommon nowadays. The writer could also have been more demanding and threatening, but kept his bullying fairly low-key.
On the other hand, why do people think they can tell everyone else how to live their lives. If you do not like something, go live somewhere else. If the place you are living has such a serious threat to your children's education, go somewhere else where things match your preferences better. Why is it that so many people think they have the right to tell everyone else what to do?
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