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Harbourside View

By Ninstravelog @ninstravelog
I am lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the UK... or at least that is according to me.

Like most cities, Bristol has many suburbs, and I am lucky to live in that part of the city which has the prettiest view in Bristol. The picture on the right is an example, the daily view that I can soak from my apartment window, or I can run out to catch the right moment to get a nice view.

Different angles, different timing, make a different to the outcome of the picture

Yes, photography is about the right time and the right place, a professional photographer could make simple photos like the above look so much more beautiful. Thus in order to master my photography technique, I just need to take different variations of the picture: different time of day, different seasons and different angles.

The picture seen on my previous post, is an example of different timing of the same picture:

The above picture was taken in the afternoon, when the sun was about to set, taken in January last year. The colour of the sun reflection on the buildings along the water made a different to the colour and shade of the picture


On a normal day in summer and from time to time in the morning there is this balloon ride flying off from Bristol towards Bath.

You can see the colourful row of houses on top of Cliftonwood Hill that add more character to the elevation.

Taken in August during the Bristol International Balloon Festival, where eventually hundreds of balloons fly over Harbourside on a nice day, where they fly twice a day over the weekend.


Another sample of how pretty this angle could be is this picture:

So when is the best day to take photographs of this particular angle of Bristol F loating Harbour? I would say anytime, any day is a good time, just to keep my camera at the ready and anytime I can run to the little corner of my own vantage point to take a photograph.

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