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Happy Weekend

By Amy Havins @dallaswardrobe

Amy Havins shares her experience from the Trunk Club Women's Clubhouse in Dallas.

Happy weekend my friends! Who else is so glad that today is finally Friday? It’s been a long but short week. Really the last few weeks have been long but short (if that even makes sense). We are still trying to get settled into our new house but as you all know how moving is (and decorating), it just takes time. It’s worth it in the end but it’s a slowww process!

I have been kind of bad about my weekend update posts. I feel like by the time Thursday rolls around, I am so checked out and all I want to do is play with Ralph. Yes, I do get lots done while he is napping but those 4 hours a day go quickly and once he is awake, I want to spend as much time as possible with him. It’s so crazy how quickly he is growing. One day he cannot crawl and the next he can! Just a few days ago he couldn’t pull himself up and balance…now he is wanting to pull up on everything. He is more of a wiggle worm than ever because he just figured out how much he is able to move!

This weekend will be our last slow (ISH) weekend for a little bit. Tonight we are having dinner with some fun friends who are in from out of town, tomorrow is the normal Saturday work out routine and then tomorrow night I am HOPING that we go see the movie I Feel Pretty. Wade thinks it won’t be funny but I am dying to see it. For sure getting over my movie theater fears and going.

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend and if you live in Dallas try and stay dry..apparently we have lots of rain coming our way!


  • Currently (re) obsessing over stripes for spring (and summer) and LOVING all of these.
  • This is one of my favorite outfits that I have put together in a LONG time.
  • This purple polo top was a splurge but worth every penny…it’s soooo cute!
  • I cannot believe that my baby is 9 months old! If you missed my 9 month update about baby Ralph, you can read it here.
  • If you need a pretty dress for a wedding, party or luncheon..this pink dress is the perfect option.
  • Love these gift ideas for yourself or a bride to be!
  • This ruffle sleeveless blouse is so cute and such a good deal.
  • If you need a new pair of jeans, I LOVE this pair.
  • I want all of these swimsuits.

Best Weekend Sales

  • Nordstrom: Obsessed with this off the shoulder top, the wash on this pair of jeans is so good and how cozy does this sweatshirt look?
  • Neiman Marcus: This white shirtdress is adorable, this tweed dress is perfect for a day time event and these Aquazzura slides would be so cute paired with jeans or a casual dress!
  • Shopbop: I just ordered this pair of jeans, I really want this pair of jeans shorts and if you buy one thing on sale this week/month/year it should be this top….so, so good!

Happy Weekend

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